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  • The Bar Life Wedding Cocktail Hour

    Since a wedding cocktail hour is a time to enjoy alcoholic drinks, what better songs to enjoy than songs that reference drinks or the bar life? The accompany playlist compiled by DJ Gregg Ambient references specific beverages including beer, rum, Pina Coladas, Hurricanes and wine. The playlist all contains song about the bar/beach life including "Piano Man" by Billy Joel, "We are Young" by Fun and "Toes" by the Zac Brown Band. On a bluesier note, tracks by The Doors, Rolling Stones and John Lee Hooker were added to the set.

    For a signature drink, we've selected a Margarita, the cocktail praised by Jimmy Buffett in Margaritaville and representing the good life.

    Listen to the Bar Life Cocktail Hour on Spotify by clicking here.

    As a bonus, a "side menu" of a "Hip Hop / R&B Bar Life Playlist" has been selected. Most of these tracks are appropriate for the main event or afterparty and reference stronger cocktails!

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  • The 70s Soft Rock Wedding Cocktail Hour (Volume 2)

    Back by popular demand, our DJ Iron Mike has compiled a second volume of 70s "soft rock" hits for your listening pleasure. Despite not even being born until 1981, Mike has studied up on his 70s music - call it a guilty pleasure of his. I've even experienced Mike listening to this genre while cruising around town. Stand out tracks from this volume include Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver", Redbone's "Come and Get Your Love" and Ambrosia's "Biggest Part of Me." Other representative artists include Carly Simon, Andy Gibb, Bread, Fleetwood Mac, Seals & Croft, Orleans and Elton John.

    For volume one, our selected signature drink was an aluminum can of Miller High Life ("the Champagne of Beers"). For volume two, Iron Mike has stepped up the potency, opting for "Scotch on the Rocks." For that 70s feel, we suggest Dewar's White Label.

    Listen to Iron Mike's 70s Soft Rock Cocktail Hour Volume 2 on our Spotify playlist by clicking here.

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  • The Sunset Sessions Wedding Cocktail Hour

    For today's wedding cocktail hour playlist, we are thrilled to welcome guest blogger DJ Troy Michael. Troy is a wedding DJ specialist based in Hawaii in the greater Honolulu area. Troy's resume includes time in the San Francisco Bay area where he spun in numerous clubs and lounges. Troy's approach to weddings is similar to our own - that is, a tasteful, music-centric approach with mixing and musical programming at the forefront. For more information about Troy's wedding DJ services, visit

    Troy has prepared a delightful "Sunset Sessions" set incorporating a variety of musical styles including soul, R&B, lounge, jazz, downtempo electronica and Latin cuts. Prominently, Troy's highly musical playlist includes numerous cover versions of popular artists like Bob Marley, Disclosure and Corinne Bailey Rae. Two standout tracks from the set are "Everybody Loves the Sunshine"(Roy Ayers) and "Beautiful" (Triangle Sun).

    Listen to all of these tracks (unmixed) on Troy's Spotify channel by clicking here.

    For a signature drink to enjoy while watching the sunset, Troy has selected the popular Cuban drink, the Mojito. For a mojito drink recipe, click here.

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  • Endless Summer 2015 Dance Playlist - DJ Gregg Ambient

    A regular feature of the Ambient DJ blog is the submission of periodic playlists reflecting songs currently being used by DJs out in the field. The list below reflects the choice cuts of Ambient's President "DJ Gregg Ambient." Gregg's playlist this session features a mixture of styles including pop, dance, hip hop, R&B, trap music, reggae, Latin cuts and 90s house throwbacks!

    Below the playlist below, enjoy Gregg's free, one hour continuous "Summer 2015" mix that contains many of the songs listed below, plus a juicy 90s dance section.

    Listen to all of these tracks (unmixed) on Gregg's Spotify channel by clicking here. See you on the dance floor!

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  • When Wedding DJ Nightmares Become Reality

    As an event professional, I periodically suffer from bad dreams about gigs gone bad, particularly weddings. Weddings are once in a lifetime events, and the stakes are high. The worst dreams are torturous nightmares, played out in slow motion as I arrive late to events, suffer equipment failure, botch grand entrance announcements or get yelled at by angry brides and grooms. Fortunately, other than a video slideshow mishap, I've never suffered any real life wedding disasters. Bad dreams are my sub-conscious playing tricks on me, and probably benefiting me as I do all that I can during waking hours to prevent these mishaps. However, this past Sunday, one of my worst wedding nightmares became a reality.

    I was driving from New Jersey to Bensalem PA for a wedding. It was mid-afternoon, and the trip had been uneventful with light traffic. I was proceeding on Route 95 South towards Philadelphia, and noticed a woman driving erratically. I observed that she was hovered over her cellphone that was placed on the steering wheel. I passed her safely while thinking to myself 'what an idiot!' and reflecting on this crazy age of distracted driving that we live in. By now I was in the final five minutes of the trip to Penn Ryn Mansion to celebrate with Chelsea and Andrew on their wedding day. Today I would be DJing and Emceeing, but joined by our lighting technician Chris who was traveling in separately.

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  • The African Safari Wedding Cocktail Hour

    This latest wedding cocktail hour playlist was inspired by our recent performance at an African-themed summer party by our client Mike Mattia. This Fall, Mike will be taking his family on vacation to South Africa. For their summer party, he and his wife Stacy gave guests a taste of Africa with authentic food, beverages and music (our department!).

    The following playlist contains authentic African artists like Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Youssou N'Dour, but has also been calibrated to American taste with African-influenced artists like Paul Simon and Santana. Like a morning on the African savannah, the mix starts bright and sunny. The playlists gradually picks up steam with beats and African drums kicking in.

    For a signature drink, we've selected a cold glass of Castle Lager beer. Castle is a popular brand of beer in South Africa, where most beers are lagers given the hot climate.

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  • The Freestyle Wedding Cocktail Hour

    In this 54nd installment of the wedding cocktail hour playlist series, Ambient DJ music mixologist Mike Bacon, aka DJ Iron Mike, takes us on a journey back to the late 80s/early 90s with this all-freestyle set. The first playlist contains love-oriented songs appropriate for a wedding cocktail hour; the second features Mike's favorite freestyle dance tracks; and the third lists cuts influenced by the freestyle sound. You can listen to all of these songs on our Spotify playlist (link follows playlists).

    Freestyle is a form of dance-pop or electronic dance music that emerged in the United States in the mid-1980s. It experienced its greatest popularity from the late-1980s until the early 1990s. It continues to be produced today and enjoys some degree of popularity, especially in the urban communities where Puerto Ricans and Italian Americans reside.

    Notable performers in the freestyle genre include Stevie B, Corina, Timmy T, George Lamond, TKA, Noel, Company B, Exposé, The Cover Girls, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Information Society, Sa-Fire, Sweet Sensation, Trilogy, Shannon, Nancy Martinez, Johnny O, Coro, Lisette Melendez, Judy Torres, Rockell, and many others.

    For a signature drink and to compliment the often bittersweet lyrical themes in freestyle music, DJ Iron Mike has selected the "Dark and Stormy" - a cocktail that combines dark rum, ginger beer and lime juice (optional). To learn how to mix the Dark and Stormy, click here.

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  • Early Summer 2015 Hot Dance Playlist by DJ Spinz

    Christopher Smith (aka DJ Spinz) is a "party rocking DJ" who diligently follows trends in the music industry. He specializes in Disco, Pop, Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Club, Electro and Top 40 hits. His portfolio of work features Weddings, Sweet 16s, Corporate Functions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Family Parties and School Dances. Turn your ordinary party into an EXTRAORDINARY party by booking this iconic DJ!

    Ambient DJ Service is one of the few mobile DJ companies that regularly posts its DJs' playlists. These selections give our prospective clients a sense for a given DJ's style. We also publish playlists of classic song genres. Listed below is Ambient DJ veteran DJ Spinz's top 25 Early Summer dance playlist.

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  • Spring 2015 Playlist by DJ Marti Gras

    A regular feature of the Ambient DJ blog is the submission of periodic playlists reflecting songs currently being used by DJs out in the field. Martin Valcin, aka "DJ Marti Gras" is a talented music mixologist who describes his style as "Mixing Gone Wild!" Martin's high energy dance mixes are bound to intoxicate New Jersey's most discerning dance connoisseurs. Marti-Gras is particularly fond of remixes - of both current and classic tracks.

    Read on to view the musical ingredients for Martin's mixing sessions. His top 25 selections feature a compelling mix of current dance music and throwbacks. To experience DJ Marti Gras live, consider booking him for your upcoming teen dance party, wedding or family celebration!

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  • The Space Travelers Wedding Cocktail Hour Playlist

    In this 53nd installment of the wedding cocktail hour playlist series, we turn our attention to the mysteries of outer space and exciting world of space exploration. It's just a matter of time before an adventurous couple is married in outer space. In the meantime, this playlist would be ideal for astronomers, scientists and those with a love of thematic pop, downtempo electronica and classical music.

    For a signature drink, DJ Gregg Ambient has selected an "Astronaut" - a sweet cocktail combining pineapple juice, Sprite and rum. To learn how to mix an Astronaut, click here. Keep in mind that there is zero gravity in space, so you'll need to sip your cocktail from a straw to avoid having it float through the air!

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